Intellicor Communications

16 JANUARY 2019

USPS Rate Changes Take Effect Sunday, January 21, 2019

Rates are changing for all types of mail.

Visit the USPS Price Change Fact Sheet to get all the details.

To maximize impact while minimizing cost, consider these factors as you prepare your 2019 print & mailing projects.

  • Are you designing your piece so that it will mail as a letter, rather than a flat?
  • Are you paying for “Return Service Requested” when Electronic Service is free?
  • Are you removing duplicate recipients and addresses from your mailing list?
  • Are you still mailing to non-automated addresses?
  • Are you exploring saturation discounts?

We mail over 100 million pieces of mail per year. We understand the USPS terminology, postage categories, and logistics. Most importantly, we know how to save you money.

Please contact us to get a free postal analysis to better understand how the changes will affect your mailing projects and how Intellicor can help reduce postage costs.